This is the subject:     in a few months, humans, animals and plants have stopped to reproduce. Also,  electrical appliances, internal combustion engines, etc. don't work...     So, we know that society has changed dramatically. Most people do not know what happening.     But the worst is that they do not imagine what will happen ...
What !
Hummmm !
I like this house, Breno.
Then, alright ! As we can choose...
I'm already going down.
What a deterioration ! Here’s needed a lick of paint.
On the other hand, plants and flowers are better than ever.
Everything has stopped.  Progress, culture, wellness... The fertility of the planet has come to the end also. A couple and his newly born are the  hope. The New Breath
I’m not sure, Val
It is dawning, Breno
There’s no one.
Then, com’on. We have to rest.
Would you like something  in particular ?
Be careful, honey !
I‘m always carefull, my dear.
Well. It will not be so hard to make this a nice home.
I’m sure there’s everything in town.   You just must know   where to look.     
Of course, carefully !
You'll see !
Blimey ! All looted
A trapdoor !
I think that we've slept too, Val.
That’s why I’m so hungry.
Nothing, and nothing more.
Don't worry, still there’re remaining food in the rucksack.
I would kill for some beans with chili ! I love the spicy !
Don't be so killer and eats something or  I'll  let  you nothing.
I prefer to look for something ! I'm fed up of things like peas with chocolate!
Hi !?
Hello !?
Amazing bed !!
I’m looking for something to force the door.
 ARE YOU CRAZY ?! You must avoid stress !
Stress is just waiting for you, honey.
I would pry the door with this and in less than  a minut...  Gluupss !
She's a smart girl. She has escaped by the skin of my teeth.
 We’ll catch her, Dad !
I’m a lucky man ! A hidden warehouse !
All empty !
What ill luck !
Just I imagined, there’s nothing in this kind of town.
  The dinner !
Holy moly ! What’s that ?
Tarantula ! It’s a delicacy in some Asian countries.
Yuck ! I prefer expired cow milk!
We have good luck finding something "fresh" to eat at these times. Ha, ha, ha!
Soon I will give birth, Breno. How did we do ?
  In theory we know as. We have  to be bold.
Nobody will help us.
If I continued, I can get  home at dawn !  
Here I go !
It’s no coincidence? This milk carton expires tomorrow.
Because I don't think drink.
I have also found algae cookies. They don’t never expire.
Really ?
Breno ! There’s someone down... I think...
I don ’t see anybody.
Because it ’s very dark.
We ’ll help us. Each other. And then, with a child after another, we ‘ll take as much practice that we ’ll give birth without realizing and...
Go, go to sleep. Now !
Huh ? That noise... it comes from below !
She passed out.
By the way... she wanted us filleting.
My goodness ! She has lost the arm !
Footprints ! She goes to the West !
Blimey ! There ‘s someone here !
Do not hurt us, please ! We are good people and we are pregnant !    
And you leave the broom !
  I’m going to... uuhhh...  aahhh...!
Footprints !
Mom will be glad to us.
Very happy.
  We should tie her.  When she wake up... we don't know... She  is a stranger!
Look at this face. Do you not trust my instinct ?
She has been good lucky...
That is the village !
She's ours !
  Oh, yes !  Your feelin’ !     Of course, the maternal  instinct.      
Now, we only have to     take care of a newborn baby, an unknown teenager and  continue to survive in this crazy world.       
I don’t know when I could write ...
She seemed to be surrounded by stars, little stars ...
.. .that when approaching, transformed themselves into puppies, as if they were her offspring.
Every time they were closer and when I watch them, they seemed quite unpleasant. Dangerous and ravenous ...
Did you hear some distant moans ?
Uhhh ?  I think that not. But the girl makes snoring than...
I had a dream...
Oh, yes ? Tell me, I like your dreams !
There was a mother dog, a big black dog mom ... floating in the dark space.
I guess if you didn’t eaten me, I can trust you slightly.
We do not eat people.
That's all,  Val ?
Yes, that's all I remember.
Eh, the girl wakes up !
Don’t be afraid.  Please, eat something.
It's a fresh wound. Bring my backpack, Breno. And water.
Cannibals ?
I don’t want to hear that word. Shut up !
“Pardon” I’m sorry, Val.
She's very young. Nearly a child ...
There is a village downstream. Maybe she has sheltered there.
I would hate to lose so rich mouthful.
Downstream !
Rintin, don’t  stay away from me !
.. .but I would like to know what are you doing at this house... MY HOME !
Did not know this. We needed cover and we ended here.
What a coincidence !
Matías, Matías is my name and  I‘m a proper guy !
What I have suffered, not wish it to anyone.
Com ’on, Rintin
I knew it ! A river   always leads    to fruition.
Any problem with to dinner cat tonight ?
Rintin ! Pussycat !
And ... you’re pregnant, are you ?
Yes. About eight or nine months. Just when it began this whole disaster.
Hey !  It’s  a  CAT !
We lost him !
Not so easy.
A cat is a cat !
Where have you been ? Take some- thing to eat ...
It is very strange to see a cat.  Well, any live animal is difficult to see.
Of course ! We have eaten everything!
I can't see it.
It ran down this street
Yes, man. These were good cars, and even better when they were running.
Matías, Matías !
She is coming ... The New Breath.
   How long     wait you for     birth ? 
Not much, I suppose...
OK. Count me in for whatever it takes.
Thanks,  MJ.
Hey, Rintin !   Do you want to sleep in a garage ? It has its charm ...
Rintin !
 What a cat !, Always doing his own thing !
Meeeoooow !
I can not believe it !
Out of here. Get out, cat or MJ and Breno  will end with you.
Meow !
What's happening ?
It’s that cat. It appeared again. It ask us help !
Ask us for  help a cat ?
I caught you !!
But are you crazy ?      Do you know how long ago I don’t eat protein ?
Sorry...  It's just a poor lost kitty !
Don't be so "affected". It would be great for you to eat some fresh meat !
Rintin ? A pet ? Your pet ?
That’s I say.
My cat has his own name and not eaten.
OK, grandpa !
If you're hungry I can give you something from my backpack.
Not matter. I'm not hungry ... just it had fun for me something grilled.
MJ !!
No way, pretty ! You have NOT caught anything !
Much less Rintin !
Wow ! A woman pregnant!
Hi ! My name is Val !
A long time ago which I don’t see  the fruits of living creatures.
And this guy ? Ooops !
Matías. Matías is my name and he‘s Rintin, my cat.
Blimey ! Nice to meet you. I had no idea this place   was so crowded.      
Leave  your broom !
Good night. Can Rintin sleep with me?
Who's going to stop?
It's amazing what’s   happening in these last times...
Horrible !  Nothing works. Each day it’s harder to get what is most needed.
  Still I have some tears, Rintin. Can you see ?
How nice to have a kitty to play with ! 
I had a spider, but my parents would not let me take it out of the terrarium.
My uncle gave me that. He travels all over the world.
I’m sure that someone ate it.
You come to help us, right ?
Of course, Matías. That’s I come.
I don’t know, Val. All too perfect, just we find people who want to help.
And what's wrong with that?
 Well, we have to start preparing it all. A birth is something     very special.  
Rita ! Am I  dreaming ?
Everything  will be okay, MJ. I'm sure.      
I have a feeling that everything will go well, Breno.
Yeah, me too ...
Although, I do not know why !
Warns to others. I think the time has come
No need to. We're here.
To be continued...